Privacy Policy

An application can use the personal credentials of the account of Facebook (next Data), but only when the user is logged in the game using account from Facebook.

Application Administration does not and never will give Data to third parties or organizations.

Processing user’s data

The Data – user’s Id is used for creating id for user’s data in our server. It allows restore all game’s progress when user relogin on the same or another devices.

The Data – user’s First and Last Name is used to display a user’s name in the gameplay.

The Data – user’s Email is used to contact with player.

The Data – user’s Friend’s list is used to enable players to play with their friends and have a separate game’s lobby with friends only.
No information about the friends list is stored in our databases. It loads when a player wants to play with friends, and stores the user’s device in memory while the player is playing a game with a friend.
When game load friends list it use only Friend’s Id and Friend’s First Name:

  • Friend’s Id is used for connecting to friend’s game room;
  • Friend’s First Name is used for displaying friend’s name in lobby room

No information other than that presented above is processed

The Data is not used for marketing other products that do not belong to the application.

The Data is securely protected, are stored in encrypted form, and except in the application anywhere else can not be used.

The app does not collect any data about the user’s contacts, interests, places of residence, travel and others.

The app does not collect data related to financial and payment activities.

The application under any circumstances will not publish personal or confidential information relating to the financial or payment activities, as well as other identifying information.

Deleting data from game servers

If you wish to delete your data from our servers, please email us at and we will send you instructions.