1. Why do I need gold coins?

Gold coins you can spend on improving the towers: the purchase of weapons or the development of characters.

  1. What does the button with a heart on the right edge of the screen mean?

This button heals to all wounded towers.

  1. What does the button with the skull mean?

By pressing the button you can kill all the enemies that are currently on the map.

  1. Why is one coin given for one dead unit and 2 for a second one?

The number of coins earned depends on the strength of the killed unit. For more powerful earn more.

  1. I put the archer in position, but he does not shoot!

If the position is far from the road, the radius of the arrow shot may not be sufficient. Replace it with a stronger turret (sell and buy a new one) – a cossack with a pistol or a cannon.

  1. I pressed “Replay”, then returned to the levels, and my result is not preserved.

By pressing “Replay”, you give up your result. It is reset, the level needs to be restarted.

  1. How can I knock down a balloon?

You can shoot an air balloon with an archer, a cossack with a pistol, two pistols, a musket, an arquebus.

  1. How can I earn three stars?

You need to win the level, not missing a single enemy.