Studio DMP Games presents “Cossacks” – a new game in the genre of Tower Defense.

What is Tower Defense?

Tower Defense (from English – “Tower Defense”), abbreviated TD – is a special genre of computer and mobile strategy games. The task of the player is to deal with the advancing enemies, sometimes called “creeps” (from English creep, creeping creature), before they cross the map, by building towers that attack them when they pass close. Opponents and towers usually differ in their characteristics and price.
When the enemies are defeated, the player earns money or points that are used to buy or upgrade the towers.
The selection of towers and their location is an integral strategy of the game. Typically, attackers run through a semblance of a labyrinth, which gives the player the possibility of strategically placing towers.

What is the essence of the game?

“Cossacks” transfers players at a time when the Ukrainian Cossacks were in their prime (14-18 century). Cossacks are fighting with a variety of enemies, and the main task is to correctly pick up the towers to repel the attack.

The player can choose which country to fight: Ukraine (on the side of the Cossacks), Russia (on the side of the Moscow army), or Poland (on the side of the Polish gentry). The choice can be changed during the game, pumping three armies at the same time.

For each level, a certain number of silver coins are issued, which are used only in the current battle. After the successful completion of the level, gold coins (evil ones) are added, which can be spent on improving units, purchasing resources or weapons.

Basic set of towers:
– Archer;
– Spearman;
– Cossack with a pistol;
– Cossack with a gun.

Each warrior (tower) can be developed along a tree. For example, an archer can be pumped to a crossbowman, etc. Each pumped unit is stronger than the previous one.

You can play at your own pace, speeding up or slowing down the creeps.

Enemies do not go through the map just like that. They also do damage, they can even kill those holding defense. You can heal your warriors, change towers or improve them within the current level.

Also, you have “magic buttons” – “Kill all” and “Treat all”. The first kills all the enemies on the map, the second – heals all the wounded. But be careful, since the number of attempts is limited.

Show your talent as a strategist! Brighten up the evenings, long trips or waiting time in line with the passage of a new, exciting game.

The release is expected by the end of 2017.